A Note About the Measurements

Wraps are inherently difficult to measure. Length is measured with a soft tape in hand. The tape measure I use is 100 ft, so it is done continuously. I square the wrap when measuring width (so as not to measure diagonally) and flatten the wrap without stretching to get the width. Thickness is measured with a micrometer. This is highly dependent on user. Thicknesses should be used in comparison rather than as absolutes.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Didymos Nautilus Pealmutt

Didymos Nautilus Pealmutt is a moldable, medium thin wrap with great glide.  Though in pictures it can appear black and white it is actually light pink and black.

Weight/Area: 205 g/qm
Width:  64 cm
Thickness:  20 mils

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